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CNC-VMC Machining

Catering to the variegated requirements of the engineering industry, we are providing our services to customers with precision CNC Vertical Machining works. We do Precison machining of steel, aluminum, cast iron, aluminum die casting components, machining of Plastic Molding Tools, Aluminum Die Casting Molding Tools, Rubber Molding Tools. We have deep expertise in precision compoents machining. With this expertise, experience, advanced machineries, man power and latest inspection instruments are being a depentable machining supplier to our customers. We do

  • Precision machined parts machining
  • VMC Milling
  • Die Machining
  • Punch Machining
  • Mould Machining
  • Punch & Die Machining
  • Die casting machining
  • Forged Component machining
  • Precision components machining
  • Injection Mould Tool manufacturing
  • Plastic mould Tool Mnaufacturing
  • Plastic Mould, Blow Mould manufacturing
CNC-Turning Works

Catering to Automotive industry, we do precision CNC turning of parts which are very precision. We machine parts from hot Forgings, Raw Rods, Castings. The parts are procuded with high precision & surface finish as per the customer drawings. We do the inspection of components with right inspection menthod in the required frequency. In the precision machining, we are being a reliable machining supplier to our customers. 

Proto Parts Machining

In the new product development, we manufacture the proto parts to our customers mainly through machining process for design review, performance testing and validation tests, etc. We use various materials like Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Copper, Polycarbonate, etc for Proto parts manufacturing. We make proto parts through,

  • CNC-VMC Machining
  • CNC Turning
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Punch & Die Pressing
  • Laser Cutting